What does an estate agent mean when they use the word “presentation”?

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Monday, April 8 2019

When you have made the decision to ask your preferred estate agents to come and value your home, at some stage during the appointment the word ‘presentation’ will undoubtedly crop up. It may seem like they are stating the obvious when they say that word and that of course prospective sellers know exactly what ‘presentation’ means, but in my experience that is a far cry from the realty. In fact, most estate agents will tell you your home looks fantastic just the way it is in order to get it listed straight away!  Remember you are paying for a service that extends way beyond putting your home on Rightmove as quickly as possible. So here are my top tips for ‘presenting’ your home for sale.

By spending a little bit of time and effort, sometimes a few pounds here and there, you can make a huge difference to how your property looks when it is first presented to the market. After all you need buyers to view it if you are going to achieve your dream of moving.

First impressions count…..and that doesn’t mean when you walk through the front door! Make sure walking up to the front door leaves buyers in no doubt that the inside of the house is as good as it looks on the photos. Clean the door and windows, add a couple of potted plants to brighten things up, mow the front lawn if you have one and freshen up any painted fences.

The hallway should be clean and inviting, warm in the winter and a lovely aroma when you first walk into a property is always a good start.  If you have pets, I know they are your world but try to remember that not everyone wants to smell them when they walk into your home. Invest in some good air fresheners…there are some great ones that you can set to ‘go off’ every 15 minutes or so.

Reception rooms…Could your furniture be arranged better? Highlight your living rooms’ beautiful fireplace, don’t have sofas blocking the view of your garden or blocking access through a set of doors. Keep personal photographs to a minimum… I don’t like to see large photos on walls for example. You want viewers to see and feel the space not spend time looking at all of your bits and bobs!  I think less is more, a few tasteful cushions and some fresh flowers go a long way. In the photos below I have rearranged the sofas to allow the view through to the garden room!


Kitchens and Bathrooms….Clean, clean and clean some more! These two rooms are costly to refit and often ‘sell the house’ so make the most of what you have. Remove as much off the kitchen surfaces as you can, leave just the essentials, clear worktops will make the kitchen feel bigger!  Put all of your bathroom toiletries in a box so that you can easily move them out of the way. Buy a set of new fluffy towels and put them out just for viewings. MAKE SURE YOUR TOILET SEAT IS CLOSED!!!!!!!

Bedrooms….These can sometimes be a challenge if you have small children with lots of toys. I would suggest some storage boxes that coordinate with the bedrooms and keep as much tidied away as possible. The master bedroom should be relaxing and luxurious, it’s a grown up space. Invest in some plain white or cream bedding and a nice big throw and a couple of cushions. Keep clutter off dressing tables and drawers. When a viewer walks in you want them to be able to imagine falling asleep in there, it should feel peaceful! Below…a change of bedding and lamps make all the difference in this lovely master bedroom.


Finally the garden…If you’re selling a family home this is a priority space. Keep the lawn tidy, weed the borders if you have them, if not a few pots dotted around will brighten the space up. If you have toys in the garden designate one area for them. Jet wash the patio and set up a small table and chairs. Maybe a nice fire pit or chiminea to show it’s a great space for adults to relax with a glass of wine.

Everything I have mentioned is what I mean when I say the word ‘presentation’ to a prospective vendor or, as I would call it…home staging!!

Maybe you’re struggling to sell or in the early stages of getting ready to put your house on the market, if you fancy a chat give us a call on 01788 577218.

Happy ‘prepping’


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